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30 trains on the line as of 2022-08-18 23:19:44.

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What do the columns mean?
  • TrainID is a unique identifier given in the open data feeds. It's not entirely clear what, if anything, it correlates to in real life.

  • LCID (Leading Car ID) ostensibly identifies the leading car of the train in some way. We use this as our primary means of tracking trains.

  • Track codes ABCDEF are arbitrary pieces of text describing a piece of track on the line.

  • WTT gives the Train Number as found in the TfL Working Timetables (WTT). These are keyed in by train operators at the start of their journey, and can be moved around by Line Controllers if necessary.

    • NNN ×R denotes a train with WTT number NNN, on its Rth trip of the day.

    • NNN denotes a train with WTT number NNN, on its first run of the day (or where no trip number info is available).

to Aldgate

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1093571437 ×1825049Between North Harrow and Harrow-on-the-Hill [more] TJDBNHR
1100301412 ×14613Between Kings Cross St. Pancras and Farringdon [more] TF30703
1126151471 ×19527Between Great Portland Street and Euston Square [more] TF20263

to Amersham

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1095101413 ×1525070Between Preston Road and Northwick Park [more] TFKTPRDNWPWL
1121771411 ×1825062Between Chorleywood and Chalfont [more] TJ968C.970AB

to Baker Street

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1109861445 ×1825053Left Chorleywood [more] TMCWDP2_DEP
1119901440 ×1325057Between Northwood and Northwood Hills [more] TJEKNWD
1124821464 ×1925056At Amersham Platform 3 [more] TJDBAME
1130501At Moor Park Platform 4 [more] TJ791A
1130541At Moor Park Platform 4 [more] TJ791A

to Check Front of Train

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1072621434 ×1725061At Uxbridge Platform 4 [more] TJCBUXB
111872125017Watford Siding [more] TJGDWAT
1120221463 ×1625058Left Ickenham [more] TJ745B
1127191Rickmansworth Sidings [more] TJVLRIK
1127311Rickmansworth Sidings [more] TJVLRIK
1127931436 ×1525059Left Ruislip Manor [more] TJ735B

to Chesham

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1124451424 ×1425066At Northwood Platform 1 [more] TJDENWD
1128781474 ×14607At Baker Street Platform 2 [more] TF20080

to Special

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
109672525020Watford Siding [more] TJGHWAT

to Uxbridge

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1116111470 ×13539Between Baker Street and Finchley Road [more] TF20187
1118791441 ×2025069At Northwick Park Platform 1 [more] TJ554CD
111891125068Between Northwick Park and Harrow-on-the-Hill [more] TJBZHOH_1
1121331426 ×2025072Between Willesden Green and Dollis Hill [more] TJ828A
1125011466 ×1525065At Ickenham Platform 1 [more] TJ740A
1126761442 ×1825071Approaching Wembley Park [more] TJ806B
1128691446 ×21583At Platform [more] TF30355

to Watford

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
110846125067At Harrow-on-the-Hill Platform 3 [more] TJAEHOH
1109901465 ×15537At Finchley Road Platform 1 [more] TF20224
1118871432 ×20595At Baker Street Platform 1 [more] TF20517
1124401472 ×1725064Between Moor Park and Croxley [more] TJEACRO_1