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What do the columns mean?
  • TrainID is a unique identifier given in the open data feeds. It's not entirely clear what, if anything, it correlates to in real life.

  • LCID (Leading Car ID) ostensibly identifies the leading car of the train in some way. We use this as our primary means of tracking trains.

  • Track codes ABCDEF are arbitrary pieces of text describing a piece of track on the line.

  • WTT gives the Train Number as found in the TfL Working Timetables (WTT). These are keyed in by train operators at the start of their journey, and can be moved around by Line Controllers if necessary.

    • NNN ×R denotes a train with WTT number NNN, on its Rth trip of the day.

    • NNN denotes a train with WTT number NNN, on its first run of the day (or where no trip number info is available).

to Aldgate

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1449871406 ×12603Approaching Farringdon Platform 1 [more] TF30678
1451451424 ×1525016Between Chalfont & Latimer and Chorleywood [more] TJBS.BT.BU.BV.BZCHL
1451961434 ×1625017At Pinner Platform 2 [more] TJ763A

to Amersham

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1439801474 ×1225021Approaching Amersham [more] TJFBAME_2
1443041437 ×15617At Kings Cross St. Pancras Platform 1 [more] TF30536
1446741412 ×1325029At Harrow-on-the-Hill Platform 3 [more] TJAEHOH

to Aylesbury Vale Parkway

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
14576613264Leaving Chorleywood [more] TJ968BA.966C

to Baker Street

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1428931421 ×1725015At Platform [more] TJCGHOH

to Check Front of Train

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1000131At Platform [more] TJEBCHL
139322125019Watford Siding [more] TJGDWAT
1447001447 ×1825024At Watford Platform 1 [more] TJKQWAT
1448691466 ×1225023At Uxbridge Platform 1 [more] TJAZUXB
1452031411 ×1425018Approaching Eastcote [more] TJ733D

to Chesham

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1430741445 ×14585At Barbican Platform 1 [more] TF30645
1434711404 ×16551Left Finchley Road [more] TJAJFNR
1444621401 ×1625025Between Moor Park and Rickmansworth [more] TJABRIK_2
1450961404 ×1625032West Hampstead Area fast [more] TJAPFNR

to Chiltern Trains

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
14585013281Between Wendover and Great Missenden [more] TM0376

to Harrow On The Hill

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1430031467 ×1225014Between Chalfont & Latimer and Rickmansworth [more] TFKTCWDO

to Special

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
144699125010Between Chorleywood and Rickmansworth [more] TJ973D.971ABC
14541913276Rickmansworth Sidings [more] TJVJRIK

to Uxbridge

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1441791442 ×1625028Between Rayners Lane and Eastcote [more] TJGFETE
1449251470 ×1125030At Harrow-On-The-Hill Platform 4 [more] TJBDHOH
1449371471 ×18535At Platform [more] TF30355
1449871441 ×1825026Approaching Ickenham [more] TJBH.BGICK
1450531473 ×13537At Euston Square Platform 2 [more] TF20245
1451171450 ×17559Between Baker Street and Finchley Road [more] TF20176
1452361431 ×15533Between Finchley Road and Baker Street [more] TF20373
1452891402 ×1825031Between Willesden Green and Neasden [more] TJ834B

to Watford

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1440211446 ×18513At Great Portland Street Platform 1 [more] TF20037
1453341472 ×1325027Between Northwood Hills and Northwood [more] TJ774DEF