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26 trains on the line as of 2021-12-02 22:48:07.

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What do the columns mean?
  • TrainID is a unique identifier given in the open data feeds. It's not entirely clear what, if anything, it correlates to in real life.

  • LCID (Leading Car ID) ostensibly identifies the leading car of the train in some way. We use this as our primary means of tracking trains.

  • Track codes ABCDEF are arbitrary pieces of text describing a piece of track on the line.

  • WTT gives the Train Number as found in the TfL Working Timetables (WTT). These are keyed in by train operators at the start of their journey, and can be moved around by Line Controllers if necessary.

    • NNN ×R denotes a train with WTT number NNN, on its Rth trip of the day.

    • NNN denotes a train with WTT number NNN, on its first run of the day (or where no trip number info is available).

to Barking

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1458341265 ×16263At Great Portland Street Platform 2 [more] TF20271
1458641170 ×217Approaching Paddington (Suburban) [more] TF10360

to Circle Line

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1021903212 ×28233Between Temple and Embankment [more] TF40096
1289395216 ×26131At Ladbroke Grove Platform 1 [more] TF10456
1312965200 ×28211In between Goldhawk Road and Hammersmith [more] TF10272
1415081204 ×2759At Cannon Street Platform 2 [more] TF40263
1418771211 ×27167Approaching South Kensington [more] TDHPSOK
1418971217 ×29113At Hammersmith Platform 1 [more] TF10582
1419871205 ×28123At St James's Park Platform 2 [more] TF40421
1429651206 ×27213At High Street Kensington Platform 1 [more] TD158
1429801215 ×2693At Edgware Road Platform 1 [more] TF10312

to Edgware Road

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1418411214 ×28109Between Kings Cross St. Pancras and Farringdon [more] TF30698
1428801213 ×27227Approaching Tower Hill [more] TF30132

to Hammersmith

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1429431202 ×30219Approaching Kings Cross St. Pancras Platform 1 [more] TF30529
1444881203 ×29193Between Liverpool Street and Moorgate [more] TF30393
1454511272 ×16245At Edgware Road Platform 4 [more] TF10023
1455131275 ×14143Between Bromley-by-Bow and Bow Road [more] TDBL.BRBOR
1456601Between Bromley-by-Bow and Mile End [more] TBHTDBWRW
1456761Between East Ham and Plaistow [more] TBHTDUPKW
1459021201 ×2685Between Royal Oak and Westbourne Park [more] TF10108
1459491273 ×14217At Farringdon Platform 2 [more] TF30458
1459631274 ×17159Between Aldgate East and Liverpool Street [more] TF30789
1459781275Between Bromley-by-Bow and Bow Road [more] TDBL.BRBOR

to Plaistow

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1453681271 ×13111Between Latimer Road and Wood Lane [more] TF10206

to Upminster

TrainIDWTTLCIDCurrent location
1458371270 ×16223At Hammersmith Platform 3 [more] TF10744
1458971267 ×16195At Goldhawk Road Platform 1 [more] TF10547